Inspiring story!
Here is a video that inspires me on the power of using food to heal. Dr. Terry Wahls, a physician from the University of Iowa, used whole foods to allow her get out of a whe elchair after four years suffering from secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis. This is exactly what my program can do: teach you how to heal your body with food
Ann has worked with Marla for over 4 years now. Marla is an extremely resourceful and energetic person, who has managed to keep Ann functioning at a level that exceeds all expectations. Whenever we take Ann (who has an incurable degenerative neural disorder called PSP) in to her neurologist, or to the Rehab Institute of Chicago, they say “Keep doing what you are doingâ€. Much of this is the result of Marla’s creativity in how to challenge Ann in a positive way. Before her disease, Ann never showed much interest in exercising, but since she has been working with Marla, she always insists on seeing her, no matter how tired she may be.

Chris D.
Evanston, Illinois
Check out this link to learn about the new information about saturated fat. You thought it was bad? think again! Come to my cooking workshop where we will discuss this bombshell new info February 1st and 8th.
I suffer from Fibromyalgia which manifested in chronic pain, feeling sluggish and a general feeling of lackluster. I also wanted to work with someone who understands auto-immune diseases, which is very difficult to find. Working with Marla, I began to realize how important exercising the mind and body are. Adding to that she excelled in teaching me the rights and wrongs of a good nutritional program. Marla brings her caring, nurturing style to everything she brings to you. She started me on a path of well-being by offering her well thought out plans of nutrition, exercise and supplements. You always know you are in good, well educated and caring hands working with Marla. I am always just blown away by her deep knowledge and understanding of what makes the body and mind work best.

Deborah F.
Chicago, Illinois
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