How Luscious Life Nutrition got started:
Luscious Life Nutrition is a program that teaches you how to heal your body with hands-on ways to use potent nutrients in food and strenthening movement
Luscious Life Nutrition was started by me, Marla Brodsky, RD, LD, BCIM, a Registered Dietitian with over 20 years experience in clinical nutrition and research. In 1994, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, an autoimmune disease affecting the nervous system. After changing my own diet and exercise approach, I have remained virtually symptom free since my diagnosis Luscious Life Nutrition was born out of my desire to help other people realize they can take control over their health conditions by using nutrition and exercise to reduce inflammation, fight toxins, and enhance their immune systems.
My experience includes working in clinical dietetics at large academic medical centers in Chicago, Vermont, and Michigan, 6 years of nutritional research specializing in nutrition and aging resulting in 9 scientific papers presented throughout the country, and training in integrative nutrition through the University of Arizona and Columbia University Integrative Medicine programs started by renowned integrative Medicine guru Andrew Weil, MD. (pictured on right) I am Board Certified in Integrative Medicine (BCIM) from the American Academy of Integrative Medicine.
I have been featured on ABC and WGN news 4 times covering my hands-on education programs teaching the antiinflammatory diet for the Arthritis Foundation as well as strength training in the elderly.
Marla with Dr. Andrew Weil, national expert in Integrative Medicine
I have lectured around the country on the use of diet to help chronic conditions such as MS, cancer, autoimmune disease, arthritis, and aging in general. 
My training and research has included the ways that nutrition and exercise fit together in maintaining function even with severe chronic disease. I have designed exercise programs to help many people even with severe disabilities improve function and strength.
As Hippocrates said back in 400BC. "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food". I believe that whole food should be the basis of any nutritional regimen vs. supplements alone. Using my broad scientific background in clinical nutrition and integrative medicine, Let me teach you how to apply these science based nutitional approaches through simple recipies, appropriate nutritional supplementation, shopping and cooking trainings using antiinflammatory and nutritious ingredients, you can make your life luscious forever!
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