• Are you struggling with a medical condition or chronic disease?
  • Are you confused by the maze of nutritional products, supplements, and advice out there?
  • Are you wanting to integrate more natural approaches to healing with the conventional medical approaches from your doctor?
  • Do you just want to learn how to stay healthy in order to live life to its fullest?
Healthy cooking classes: Email me today to get cooking!
What you put at the end of your fork is the best medicine. Gain confidence in the kitchen with this hands-on 3 hour 2 class series.You will learn to put nutrition principles to use while cooking and tasting UBER DELICIOUS recipes! Go home with an arsenal of healthy recipes to feed your family, friends, and yourself. 
If your answer to any of these questions is YES! Come see me. With over 20 years of experience studying both western and integrative medicine with renowned experts such as Andrew Weil, MD, I will assess your individual condition and help you develop a nutrition and exercise plan that fits your lifestyle and is easy to maintain forever. 
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Recognizing the nutrient synergy provided by whole food is very important since research clearly shows that nutrients do not work in isolation; they can only fully do their work when their activity is complemented by the actions of many other nutrients. All are interrelated in a complex system supportive of the life of the plant or animal from which the food was derived. The more research is done, the more complex this life-giving nutrient web is revealing itself to be.
While nutrition provides the substrates to the body, exercise integrates them into functionality. The combination of both nutrition and exercise is the key to a full integration of health. One cannot exist fully without the other. 
How is this experience different from most dietitian programs?
Through years of experience seeing people get varied nutritional advice from other practitioners, I vowed to start a practice based less on giving people a list of "No's" and more on a list of foods that were "Yes's". I believe in a holistic approach. I teach clients how to use the vast bounty of delicious, healthy foods provided by nature to make creative, easy, and delicious menus. I look for the root cause of disease through Functional Medicine principals. I will even help you shop at the grocery store and teach you to cook if you need it. Furthermore, I believe that in order to be healthy, one needs to integrate both diet and exercise together. I will use my experience and research in exercise to help you achieve total health. I have worked with many clients who have severe physical disabilities such as arthritis, neurological diseases, autoimmune disease, and others to find ways to improve conditioning through diet and exercise.
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